Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum 2019

Hardwood floors are the epitome of elegance. The lustrous floors add natural beauty and grace to the interiors. However, if not maintained properly, they can quickly lose their charm and turn dull. Hardwood floors are also more prone to scratches and scores. Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance to choose the right cleaning products for hardwood floors so that you can preserve them and keep them shining for years to come. In the guide, we will teach you all you need to know about cleaning hardwood floors. We will also introduce you to the best vacuum for hardwood floors so you can keep that look shiny and new!

Hardwood floors are very smooth and flat which makes it easier to pick up dirt and debris. With the right cleaning equipment, the cleaning process becomes a lot easier and faster.

Why should you not use ordinary Vacuums for cleaning Hardwood Floors?

Most people do not see any harm in using ordinary vacuum cleaners for cleaning hardwood surfaces. These machines seem to do absolutely fine which is why people often do not see the reason for buying separate equipment for cleaning separate floors. However, there are many drawbacks with using ordinary cleaners for hardwood floors. The effects may not be obvious right away but over time, they will gradually damage the floors till they become dull and lifeless. This is bound to happen even with the top-rated vacuum cleaners there are basically two major drawbacks of using an ordinary vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.

  • These machines have thick brushes attached to the cleaning stick. These brushes can damage the polished floors, thus leaving them with scratches. They also scatter the dust and debris making it inconvenient to pull them through the suction nozzle.
  • If the cleaners are designed for carpeted floors, they are made with plastic wheels. These can leave a permanent mark on the floors.
  • Therefore, it is best to avert the problem before it can take place. Best vacuum for hardwood floors have rubber lined wheels and tender brushes among other features which not only protect the elegant floors but also make the cleaning a lot easier.

Things to look for while buying a Hardwood Vacuum Cleaner


Ordinary vacuum cleaners have rotating or rolling brushes which are basically meant to free the dust and dirt that get stuck in the carpets. However, this does not happen in hardwood floors. The only instance when you need a brush is if some form of spill dries up on the floor. Otherwise, a normal suction is well enough for lifting the dust and debris off the hardwood floor. If you want to get one with a brush, make sure that they are tender and come with turn on – turn off controls for spinning and rolling.

Padded wheels

The vacuum cleaners should either have rubber wheels or rubber padded wheels. This will prevent the floors from receiving scratches or digs while the machine is navigated over it.


This holds not only for the hardwood cleaner but rather for all types of vacuum cleaners. Lightweight and compact design makes it possible to push around the machines effortless and even be carried around from one room to the next with much ease.


Since hardwood floors have a very smooth surface, insufficient suction is not able to pick up the dust very efficiently. Rather, they only end up scattering the dust particles even more. Therefore, the best vacuum for hardwood floor should have a superior suction so that nothing is left behind after the cleaning is done. Great suction is crucial when picking the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

Design type

You can either go for a canister vacuum cleaner or an upright vacuum cleaner. The major difference is that upright cleaners have all the components attached to the central unit and are therefore bulkier and also heavier. Canister vacuums, on the other hand, come with a separate cleaning wand that is attached via a cord. These are lightweight and more convenient in cleaning tricky areas. If you are looking for better portability, canister designs would be the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

How to Clean a Hardwood Floor?

Clean it barefoot

Shoes only attract more dirt and dust. Wearing them, while the cleaning hardwood floors, will only render the entire effort useless. To make sure that not a speck of dust is left behind after the cleaning process, make sure that you are cleaning the floors barefoot.

Vacuum frequently

Since the hardwood floors are very smooth and polished, they tend to catch up dirt faster. Not only that, the dirt shows very easily, thus killing the elegance of the floor. To keep this from happening, keep on cleaning the floors as frequently as possible. This will also keep the dirt particles from building up over the cracks and crevices.

Clean the spills immediately

When a spill happens, it is best to clean them up as quickly as possible. If it is a wet spill, first use paper towels to absorb the dampness, only then can you use the vacuum cleaners to pull up the remaining debris.

Never use too much water

If you are required to wash the hardwood floors, try doing it while using as little water as possible. Using more water can cause the wood to absorb the dampness and get damaged more rapidly. It will also cause the polish to wash away this leaving the floors looking dull.

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors Products

1. Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Simpli-Stik Lightweight Bagless Corded Stick and Handheld Vacuum SD20000RED


  • It is inclusive of a stick vacuum along with a detachable handheld vacuum. The detachable handheld vacuum can be used for cleaning surfaces that lie above the ground for example curtains, upholsteries, and couches.
  • It weighs less than 4 pounds. Hence portability is not an issue. You can comfortably carry it around with much ease
  • It comes with smooth-rolling wheels which make navigation a lot easier.
  • The cleaner has a 16-foot long power cord that allows for reachability to every nook and corner of the room
  • It has a 1.25-ampere motor that is capable of providing constant suction throughout the cleaning process


  • Comes at a very affordable price. It fits well, even the student’s budget
  • It is ideal to be used in dorms and apartments as well
  • Designed exclusively for the hardwood floors. So you can take assurance in the fact that it will cause no damage to the floor
  • Lightweight and therefore make cleaning a lot easier
  • It has a small compact size and sleek design, making it possible to use the cleaner around every part of the house


  • The machine needs to be assembled before use. If you are not well acquainted with it, you may end up creating a total mess
  • There is only one speed for all types of cleaning
  • The handle is only 40 inches tall. Taller people may have to bend down, which could eventually lead to backaches. This also makes it unsuitable for elderly people.

2. VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 corded upright stick and a handheld vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration


  • It is a 600W vacuum cleaner that comes with the suction power of 130 Aire
  • You can use the full length of your vacuum cleaner or it can also be detached and used as a handheld cleaning device
  • It has a dust capacity of 1.2 lt. The dirt container is easy to detach and remove. The emptying process does not cause not spills or mess
  • Sponge and HEPA filtration – the vacuum cleaner uses a HEPA filtration to lock I the fine dust particles. This makes sure that they do not get recirculated back into your house.
  • The HEPA system ensures that the house remains devoid of not only dirt and dust but also any dust mites and bacteria
  • The vacuum cleaner has a great suction
  • It is perfect for cleaning tricky areas such as stairs, crevices, corners, and even furniture
  • It has a 19.5 ft long power cord, brush attachment, hose adaptor, and a shoulder strap


  • Affordable
  • HEPA filtration
  • Lightweight
  • Dirt cap with a good capacity


  • Short power cord
  • Attachments do not have a built-in lock
  • The plastic body is susceptible to cracking
  • Noisy
  • The brushes are not motorized

3. BISSELL 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum Cleaner with OnePass


  • Lightweight, with powerful suction
    Innovative brush design with a 360-degree rotation and counter-rotation
    Cyclonic System for continuous suction
    Includes a turbo brush that can be used for cleaning upholsteries, stairs, crevices, and corners
    The easy emptying dirt tank
    Washable foam tank filter


  • Increased portability
  • Better suction
  • No bag requirement
  • Great for picking up lint and pet hair


  • May cause some of the debris to scatter
  • The hose can pose a risk of tripping over

Conclusion: Which is the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors?

These three products have been named as the best vacuum for hardwood floors. All of them have features that clean efficiently without damaging the floor. However, out of the three, BISSEL 9595A can be considered to be the best vacuum for hardwood floors. This machine, in particular, has features like excellent noise insulation, excellent removal of embedded dirt and an amazing airflow and suction. Unlike the other vacuum cleaners, this makes sure no debris is scattered or recirculated back into your room. It also has filter systems that lock in fine particles for effective removal of allergens and bacteria. It has a dirt cup that can be emptied and reused. This cuts down the need for dirtbags. Apart from that, it is also very much affordable and has good customer service.

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