BISSELL 1330 CleanView Vacuum Review

The BISSELL 1330 CleanView Upright vacuum cleaner uses the advanced one pass technology, which makes it possible to achieve squeaky clean surfaces in just one swipe. It has very strong and powerful suction and an improved brush design which makes it possible to achieve a thorough cleansing effect, allowing you to effectively clean even the difficult and hard to reach places. This cleaning machine is the ultimate requirement of every household and more so to those who cannot afford to spend too much time cleaning and dusting around. With the BISSELL CleanView bagless upright vacuum, you can clean extensive spaces in a very short amount of time and without having to put much manual effort while doing so.

Features of the BISSELL 1330 CleanView Vacuum Cleaner

  • The cleaner can be used to clean hardwood floors, soft floors as well as carpeted floors without leading to any type of damages. The vacuum is also the best vacuum for hardwood floors
  • The vacuum cleaner uses a cyclonic filtration system which makes it possible for the machine to provide a continuous suction irrespective of how full the dirt tank is.
  • The machine uses two types of filters – the foam pre-filter and the pleated post filter. Both of these can be removed and washed after the cleaning is complete. The filters make it possible for the vacuum cleaner to absorb and hold the fine dust particles along with the bigger debris
  • The vacuum cleaner can be adjusted to different suction speed and airflow. However, it does not have an airflow indicator. This can be slightly inconvenient as you will not be able to detect if there has been a clog in the airflow system.
  • The entire machine is made out of transparent material. This not only gives it a better aesthetic appeal but also makes it more functional. The transparent dirt tank and the brush roll make it possible to see the amount of dirt on the floor thus making the cleaning an easier process

What makes the BISSELL CleanView Vacuum the Best Choice

  • The brushes rotate 360 degrees. This means that it can attack the carpet fibers from every angle, thus freeing more dirt than it is possible with the help of suction cleaner alone.
  • The dirt tank has a capacity of 2 liters which ensures that you do not have to repeatedly empty it out. The size is enough to hold the debris from expansive floor spaces. You can go on cleaning and directly empty out the dirt tank all at once
  • The dirt tank opens from the bottom. This allows or an easy emptying without creating a mess
  • The vacuum comes with a 10 amp motor, which is the main component for creating the required suction pump. The vacuum cleaner works best when it is in an upright position. The longer the hose length, the more the suction lost. However, this is again compensated for by the narrow size of the nozzle
  • The handle has 5 different height settings. Therefore, anyone will be able to do the cleaning without hurting his/her back in the process.
  • There are different settings available for cleaning. You can choose one according as you are cleaning carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, bare floors, upholsteries, furniture, cars, stairs and so on. You may also choose the high, medium or low settings depending on how dirty the surface is. It is the best vacuum for stairs.

Various Settings for Optimal Vacuum Cleaning

The best way to determine the correct height setting is by seeing how easy it is to be pulled/pushed around. If it requires a little more effort than usual, it means you will have to go to the next higher setting and continue until the desired ease of movement is achieved. The recommendations are as follows:

  1. Lowest setting – the lowest setting is for regular cleaning of the hard floors. However, if you are required to pick up slightly larger debris, you may increase the pressure a bit.
  2. Medium setting – the medium setting is for cleaning the low pile and the medium-pile carpets.
  3. Highest setting – The highest setting is used while cleaning high pile carpets and thick rugs. It provides enough suction to pull off even the hard larger and heavier debris.

The BISSELL 1330 CleanView In-Depth Features

While doing the cleaning, let the cleaning wand rest flatly over the surface or the cleaning effect is likely to get decreased.

  • The vacuum has a dual cleaning technology. This refers to the two brushes used alongside the main central brushes to give a better cleaning effect. This feature comes very handily while cleaning the walls and stairs.
  • The vacuum cleaner has a very easy to reach on and off button, but no switches to control the bushes. Therefore, the brushes are running the entire while you are cleaning. The BISSELL 1330 CleanView is the best vacuum for hardwood floors.
  • The vacuum cleaner can also be used exclusively as pet hair vacuum cleaner as the suction is good enough to remove all pet hair and lint from the upholsteries, carpets, sofas and even your clothes without damaging the fabric in any kind of way
  • The cleaner does not have an automatic power cord rewind system, unlike most other vacuum cleaners, but the cord is long enough to allow complete cleaning of every part of the floor without any restriction
  • Unlike most vacuum cleaners, the BISSELL 1330 CleanView also does not have a swivel head. However, the vacuum cleaner can be glided around with much ease. You will also not face any problem while moving it up and down the stairs.
  • The vacuum cleaner is very lightweight and can be carried around with much ease. Even elderly people will be able to use it without any difficulty.
  • It has a sleek design so that it can easily fit into narrow spaces
  • The machine needs to have the belts intact to keep the brush rolls running freely. Therefore, every time you clean the dirt tank, it becomes important to check if the belts are intact. If not, you may have to get new replacement belts.

 Bissel Cleaniew Review – Pros

  • Very good suction. It can pick up almost every debris and dirt particles off the floor. The BISSELL 1330 CleanVIew is a very lightweight and easy to move around. It is also the best vacuum cleaners for stairs.
  • Better performance than most canister vacuums
  • The BISSELL 1330 CleanView does not require extra bags while cleaning.
  • Features OnePass Technology, saving you lots of time and giving you an efficient cleaning experience.
  • Considered as the best vacuum for laminate floors.

 Bissel Cleaniew Review – Cons

  • If the cleaner is not able to fit in some debris, the cleaner flies right back and may even hurt you in the process
  • Does not use reliable components
  • The suction reduces with time

BISSELL 1330 – Affordable and Powerful

This is one of the best vacuum under 100 dollars. You can use it for all types of cleaning purposes and all on all surfaces. The vacuum is quite a good bargain for its price. With the BISSELL 1330 CleanView, you know that quality is not compromised over price. This cleaner would be quite a good investment as it would last several under proper maintenance. No doubt the BISSELL 1330 CleanView is one of the best vacuum under $100.

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